Sample Questions For IBPS Specialist Officer HR/ Personnel

IBPS Specialist Officer HR Officer Sample Question Papers contain the questions that are actually part of competitive exams syllabus and can be asked to the candidates this year also. IBPS SO HR Officer Model Papers have the possible questions from all sections of topics of HR so that the candidates can be prepared in the best way before the exam. Just like these questions you can practice more and more questions to be sure of the main question paper. This can help you to solve questions much faster in the exam as you will have best of hands on.

In the exam, the questions are asked in several forms like Multiple choice questions (MCQs), statement & conclusion, description of phrases etc.

Below is the example of description of phrase-

Q1: In a certain code language ‘pik da pa’ means ‘where are you’; ‘da naja’ means ‘you may come’ and ‘na ka sa’ means ‘he may go’, which of the following means ‘come’ in that code language?

  1. Da
  2. Ja
  3. Na
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. None of these

Below is the example of general knowledge based question-

Q2: Who is an adult as per Factories Act, 1948?

  1. Who has completed 18 years of age
  2. Who is less than 18 years
  3. Who is more than 14 years
  4. Who is more than 15 years

Q3: Which one of the following is not a welfare provision under Factories Act, 1948?

  1. Canteen
  2. Creches
  3. First Aid
  4. Drinking water

For all the answers of above questions, check the sample papers from below and practice them for your exam preparation. IBPS HR Officer Mock Tests will contain all the questions from every section. For any kind of query, please let us know and we will help you.

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