IBPS SO Agriculture Officer Old Question Papers Download

IBPS SO Agricultural Officer Previous Papers

IBPS Specialist Agriculture Officer Previous Question Papers are given below which can be checked and practiced for the exam. IBPS SO Agriculture officer old papers contain the questions in all forms and from all subjects. IBPS exam is the most competitive bank paper for which many applicants run through the competition and win out after lots of hard work.

Some general knowledge based questions are-

Q1: Which one of the following is the correct food chain?

  1. Algae – insects – frog- peacock – snake
  2. Algae – frog – insects – snake-peacock
  3. Algae – frog – insects – peacock – snake
  4. Algae – insects – frog – snake-peacock
  5. None of these

Q2: The forces that can change the frequency of an allele in a population are-

  1. forward mutation, gene conversion, neutral evolution and recombination
  2. dominance, family selection, fitness and diversification
  3. selection, mutagenesis, migration, inbreeding and random genetic drift
  4. gene interaction, gene transfer, gene mutation and outbreeding
  5. None of these

Questions based on Statements & Conclusion type forms-

Q3: Statements-

  • No fruit is vegetable
  • All potatoes are vegetables
  • Some fruits are apples


  • No fruit is a potato
  • Atleast some apples are fruits

Out of which conclusion which is the correct option-

  1. Both conclusion I and conclusion II follows
  2. Either Conclusion I and conclusion II follows
  3. Only conclusion II follows
  4. Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows

The solutions of all questions can be checked from the PDF files given below. These below files are the actual previous year question papers which have been asked for IBPS SO Agriculture Officer. We have possibly provided you the best of material for the exam preparation.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Answer Key 3

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