How To Prepare For IBPS PO VII In One Month Cracking Tips For 30 Days

ibps po 2017 preparation In this rapid changing world everyone is looking for a job which is stable with high pay, in that scenario banking sector is one of the most popular choice of young India. People even leaving the private jobs and starting again a new career life in government jobs & banking sector. As IBPS PO exam is around thus we are sharing you some of the tips which might help you to prepare IBPS PO exam in one month.

IBPS PO Preparation In 1 Month

  • First we have to prepare for the preliminary exam, once you succeed in that you will go for the mains examination.
  • IBPS PO preliminary syllabus is divided in few sections like English language questions, reasoning ability questions and Quantitative aptitude questions. So divide your 30 days in appropriate plan.
  • First day you will collect all the pre-requested data which is required to go for the 1 month preparation ex. Books, syllabus, exam pattern, old papers, sample papers, rough notebooks.
  • Figure out your weak points and strengths to be worked on
  • Proper mind-set towards the distribution of whole day a chart which you must follow.
  • Now you are ready for the second day read the syllabus thoroughly and start preparing the subjects which you already know and have a hands on plus work on the topics which are containing high marks in exam online paper.
  • General knowledge and general awareness must be read daily.
  • After you have completed the topics in which you are more confident then go for the topics which you know but do not have any hands on (confidence).
  • So you have solve all the questions as many as possible and side by side keep a note of the formulas which are used in solving the questions so that in last day you can revise the formulas and GK should also be noted in any notebook (hard copy).
  • Once you have some hands on the sections and topics which is given in the syllabus then go for the old question paper, in that you will get to know what the level of the question paper is.
  • If you able to solve few of the questions from the previous paper you will now work to manage your time in given time frame. Like solve around 30 questions in 45 minutes this will prepare you to be fast in the examination.
  • After you solve all the old paper then go for the sample papers as many as possible with the given time frame.
  • Now if you have any friend circle who is preparing for the examination then go have a meeting with them and know their strategy of preparation gather the positive ones and have QA session with them this will let you know different possibilities to crack exam.
  • Keep yourself motivated and dedicated and stay positive you will definitely crack this exam up. Try not to eat food which makes you sleepy and dizzy this may break your concertation.
  • And last 5 days there are some runs books available in the market like GK and some sort of sample questions/important questions which you have to solve every day continuous.
  • Now in last one day revise all the formulas GK GA and go for the exam with a positive mind-set.

How to prepare for IBPS PO in One Month

Days Need to be Done
1 Gather everything you require to prepare
2 Take knowledge on each and every topic given in the syllabus.
3-5 Start solving questions for topics which you know best
5-7 Go for the topics which you have little knowledge
7-11 Prepare formulas used in previous questions and GK Material + go for the sections which you don’t know.
11-15 Cover English and go through the old question papers.
15-21 Solve all the sample papers which is available in the market
21-25 Once again go for the topics which you have prepared in 2-11 days
25-29 Now gather all the run books and start solving questions randomly without chapter wise
29-30 Prepare all the necessary documents for the exam and revision of formulas GK GA English- synonyms and antonyms.

NOTE: While preparing try to solve each and every question not just read every question solution method.a

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